Coleo Is Cooleo
About me? Well, let's see. I do anything for attention and to make people laugh. I like to pick my nose and eat it also I like to rub the sweat from my thighs on to my hands and smell it immediately afterwards. Anything that requires effort is worth doing later in life when I can be pooped. If I were an animal I would choose to be a gnat so then my life wouldn't mean much and wouldn't last long so we could all carry on. The internet to me is a sad addiction worse than any I have ever seen in my life. I have broken relationships, friendships and families up just to have the internet in my own little nest. I prefer to be alone while I die of loneliness. I would only care about you if you've made me laugh or if you're my cat. Either way you would not be worth dyeing for unless you are addicted to me as I am addicted to you. My philosophy in life is to enjoy it as long as others suffer. I have grown a tendency to care less and less about everything around me and just focus on myself because that is all that matters. I like to sleep in my own ejaculation because I can't be bothered cleaning up afterwards.

So think again when you think you're a terrible human being because you can't get as low as this.

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